You may order with the following 3 ways: 

1) Via our website. 

Find the products that interest you by using our search textboxes, by browsing the categories and subcategories or the manufacturer's names. Choose the "Add to cart" option at the product description in order to place a product in your electronic "basket". You may also want to adapt the qauntity ordered in the same page. When you finish shopping, may may click to "Checkout" in order to be transfered to the pages completing your order. Via this dialogue you have to define the shipping address and the payment method. The costs of the shipping depend on the address that the products will be shipped and the amount of the order.

2) Via telephone 
At +30 210 5755167 all working days and hours or via fax at +30 210 5737526 24 hours/day 7 days/week 

3) Via e-mail 
By sending an e-mail at: [email protected]
In the case of e-mail order you would like to know the exact shipping address and a telephone number for contact, so that we may contact you in order to verify the order.