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Complete natural treatment for the eradication of lice, soothes itching and irritation. It will keep the child's head lice and nit free naturally, effectively and safely. 

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The treatment consists of Lice Free Shampoo, Lice Free Lotion and a special comb for removing lice. It works mechanically to remove lice and ensures that its ingredients are not absorbed by the body.

Its effectiveness is based on the tea tree, geranium and lavender essential oils and on Calendula and Acetum herbal extracts, in combination with the other active ingredients which treat and remove lice naturally. The Lice Free Set intervenes in all life stages of lice from nit, nymph to adult, making it quite effective. It immobilizes the adult louse, so that it cannot move from the hair to the head in order to feed and then reproduce. It also prevents the development of the louse from nymph to adult, blocking its respiratory tract and finally dissolving the chitin glue that holds the nits to the hair.

Meanwhile, the Lice Free Set alleviates the child's head from itching and irritation caused by head lice, it has an anti-inflammatory effect and thanks to the microspheres carrying the ingredients, provides prolonged efficacy even after the product is rinsed off. It is very easy to use and only takes a few minutes to apply.

Toxic biocides, preservatives and parabens free
CE Product


2 stage medication
Stage 1: Carefully spray lotion to all the hair, particularly the roots,avoiding the face. Lightly massage and leave on for about 30-40 minutes. Comb hair with the special comb. Then apply the Lice Free Shampoo.
Stage 2: Shampoo as usual and leave the shampoo on for 3 minutes. Rinse carefully.

Repeat the treatment with the Lice Free Set for 4-5 consecutive days. It is recommended to check the scalp and repeat treatment on the 7th, 10th and 14th day.

Change the pillowcase every day for the duration of the treatment
Wash clothes at 55oC
Wash all stuffed toys and put them away in a plastic bag for 12-14 days
Do not use hair cream or conditioner before the treatment

Do not wash hair for 2 days after the treatment
Wash all the combs used with hot water and soap

Lice are better seen on wet hair while their eggs are easily seen on dry hair.

Tea Tree Essential Oil | Lavender & Geranium Essential Oil: Lice are rendered unable to move| Insect repellent with antiseptic properties
Calendula Extract: Soothing, antipruritic
Quassia & Acetum extract: The chitin that holds the nit onto the hair is dissolved
Neem Essential Oil: Inhibits the growth of larva and the formation of an extraskeletal wall | Antibacterial
Essential oil microspheres: Prolonged duration of active ingredients

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