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Bromelain, an enzyme derived from the stem of fresh pineapples, is probably best known for its use as a digestive aid, especially to assist in the digestion of fatty or high protein meals. Another popular use for Lamberts Bromelain amongst practitioners is for reducing mucous congestion. 

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  • A beige powder in a clear hard shell capsule. 
  • 60 capsules. 
  • Aids digestion and helps reduce digestive complaints/symptoms. 
  • Assists in the digestion of fatty or high-protein meals. 
  • Reduces mucous congestion. 
  • Powerful anti-inflammatory properties. 
  • A naturally sourced high strength supplement. 

    Recent research has turned many experts' attention to its use for helping sports people with sprains and strains. Lamberts Bromelain is believed to inhibit the body's production of prostaglandins associated with inflammation and pain whilst promoting the formation of those with an anti-inflammatory action. 

    Lamberts Bromelain can also work well when taken in conjuction withturmeric. Many practitioners recommend taking the two products alongside each other. Lamberts Bromelain appears to aid the absorption of curcumin, the active compound in turmeric. 

    To be of use a Bromelain product must contain at last 2000 gelatin-dissolving units (GDUs) per gram, which is why it is important to use a high strength product such as Lamberts Bromelain that contains this level. 

    Dosage for joint care: 3 capsules (1 between each meal) for 1 week. Thereafter a maintenance dose of 1 Lamberts Bromelain capsule daily can be taken for 3-6 months. 

    Dosage for digestive aid: 1 capsule before each main meal up to a maximum of 3 per day. 

    Disintegration Time: Less than 30 minutes. 

    Suitable for vegetarians. 

    Caution: Lamberts Bromelain is not recommended for pregnant or lactating women. 

    Ingredients per capsule: Bromelain 500mg, Enzyme activity level: 1000GDU. Encapsulated with: Rice Bran, Capsule shell (vegetable Cellulose).